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+1,350.51% Organic Traffic for Rolling Rims

The Client 🔍

Rolling Rims is a medium sized alloy wheel repair & refurbishment specialist based in Dunmow, Essex. Looking to expand nationally.

The Objective 🏆

Enhance their online visibility and establish them as a leader in alloy wheel refurbishment in the UK. Focused on driving traffic and improving user engagement, significantly boosting inquiries and customer conversions.

The Competition 🔥

Just Wheel Repair
Prestige Wheels
Chips Away

Start Point 👉

After being with the previous agency for a number of years, organic traffic had grown by about 500 monthly visitors, not enough to generate a positive ROI.

A line graph showing the previous agencies efforts to gain Rolling Rims organic traffic

Results 💪

From the start of the campaign until end of May, SEO traffic is up 1,350.51%. Overall search visibility has increased exponentially, as seen in the impressions/clicks growth from Google Search Console.

Organic Traffic
More Leads
Top 3 Keywords
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